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meet the wildcalm

My story leading to the creation of the wildcalm began over 20 years ago.

A lover of expression - of body and mind - dancing for pleasure and exploring the body's capability to bring freedom and joy combined with an ever curious interest of the human condition; I embarked upon a deep-rooted relationship with yoga and meditation.

One that's taken me on both inner and outer journeys of discovery.

Learning from teachers around the globe, my passion and captivation kept on growing pulling me in deeper.

Many years later, an illness left me fighting for my life in a coma. During the following months of rehabilitation, I gently returned to my practice which gifted me a strength to anchor to as I felt lost and scared;

life as I once knew it was never the same.

My decision to train as a yoga teacher in 2014 was born out of the moments of hopelessness and angst that were transformed into optimism and peace by the ancient teachings that are so prevalent to this day.

I was initially drawn to the creativity and flow of Vinyasa Yoga and travelled to India to complete 500 hours of advanced teacher trainings.

The following year I enrolled on a course to teach Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation.

Yet still I felt a calling to delve deeper.

I discovered Tantra while visiting South India and began to study this beautiful tradition that seemed somehow to reawaken what I already knew.

My first immersion was a month long stay at an ashram in Rishikesh in the foothills of the Himalayas, studying Kaula Tantra.

A year after that I found myself on the oldest volcano in Ecuador studying Shamanism and Tantric Yoga.

Once again, life as I once knew it was never the same.

the wildcalm is a merger of my experiences and trainings in yoga, tantra, meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, psychology, astrology, mythology, sensuality, music and dance.

I believe that every experience we have is sacred. the wildcalm reflects the beauty and expansion of expression and pleasure. 


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Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

The way i plan classes always starts with feeling it first.

mostly i come from something i’m going through in my own day/life - struggle, confusion, anxiety; and the stuff i do to muddle through it.

Or something that’s inspired, touched or uplifted me - a conversation, a song, a meditation, a book, a yoga pose, nature.

Sometimes i just need to move to clear out a build up - tired old mindsets, repetitive thought patterns, unhelpful worries, wounds that haven’t quite healed.

Yoga is a science, physiology and psychology.

There’s a direct metaphysical connection between mind and body.

inflexible minds - stuck in a certain way of thinking tend to be inflexible physically.

When my body’s stiff, and my breath’s shallow, my perception of the world is more rigid and superficial.

Something always transforms on my mat, no matter what.

I think that’s why no two of my classes are ever the same. I’m as changeable and dynamic as life is. I wouldn’t want to stay the same - i hope i’m always evolving and growing, making it up as i go along and learning along the way.


Isadora Duncan

"You were wild once, don't let them tame you"


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