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Self Love is a Practice

This world needs more love & more kindness more than ever.

Committing to loving yourself first isn’t selfish, it’s a pre-requisite for loving & understanding anyone or anything else.

Self love can feel easy when everything’s going your way. But what about when you fuck up, what about when you get lost in comparison, what about when you feel small or scared, lonely, misunderstood…

That’s when self love is needed the most. That’s why we need to grow our hearts big enough to love ourselves through it all.

We all have the potential to be saint or sinner & everything in between.

We’re much fuller as beings than we let ourselves believe. We’re all as worthy as one another.

Put your hands over your heart & say what it is you need to hear:

‘Thank you’ ‘I forgive you’ ‘I accept you’ ‘I love you’

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