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Wild Women Ceremonies


‘The Wild Women’ organically grew out of many long, deep and joyful chats when we first started to form our own soul sister friendship. We had so many deep conversations about what it feels like to be a WILD WOMAN, with all our inbuilt limitations, societal labels, how we age gracefully and continue to feel into the beauty that we hold as women.


We had been working with and talking to so many women that FELT/FEEL a disconnection from themselves, their bodes, their power, their sensual sovereignty – instead feeling anxiety, self criticism and distrust in decision making or actually LOVING themselves, this seemed especially true for women post children, peri and menopausal and women leading too busy lives, giving and serving others and forgetting themselves. 


So we gathered all our own personal experiences, training and knowledge, knowing that there was a need for women to come back to their true selves again. We had an urge to take our own personal experiences out to our sisters in order to help women feel back into their WILDNESS.


We wanted to create a space to explore other realms and possibilities of the feminine power - discovering ways to embrace female sensuality, sexuality and strength with all of its creative abundance and push through limitations and create growth and LOVE for self and others.


We also felt a strong need to create a new paradigm of the red tent, where women got to talk less and be more; more in their bodies - in their heart and womb, where the truth lies. In the body, in movement and in sound there are no need for words - only trust, for flow and belief in all that is known, known within each and every woman.


 So here we now are on this journey bringing WILD WOMEN circles to an intimate group of women in person, in Manchester UK, which has been empowering, liberating, transforming and nourishing and now we are ready to bring this circle to you all online, by offering monthly circles, rituals and classes.

Our wish is to introduce you to practices, movement, yoga, breath-work and rituals that you can experience in the comfort of your own home, whilst being held in a safe space with other sisters. And not forgetting some time for deep nourishing meditation and relaxation, so that you can truly take time out, just for YOU. This is about giving your WILD-self some space for self-enquiry and re-connection to the sacred feminine; becoming and re-connecting with the beautiful WILD WOMAN that you truly are!!


We will draw on yogic, shamanic and tantric traditions and ultimately tried and tested techniques and practices that we have both experienced together.



We do want you to know that we honour that for a lot of women the thought of being WILD and attending women’s circles can seem ‘out there’ and ‘woo woo’, or just down right scary! So we want to assure our sisters that our mission is to create a vessel for every wild woman that the practices we offer are accessible, relatable, understandable and nourishing, but also that they are opening, exciting, transforming and that they WORK!

We will nudge your edges so that you experience new ways to find self-pleasure, sensuality, true connection to all your WILD and wonderful layers.


We want to be honest in our approach so that you can find your own way to drop into your FEMININE power, taking back ownership of your truth, coming back to yourself, with your heart and womb fully open. We hold a beautiful loving, safe space for you to dip your toe in or go all out. 


The choice is YOURS to hold.    


Everything we do is all a gentle invitation for you to be in your true sovereignty and the more comfortable you become, the more you will naturally open yourself up and come home to your body (we will talk about womb connection another time!!) and step out of your chattering mind. You will start to step into your confidence, into your true divine source essence and then hopefully you will start to use these practices, mind sets, ways of thinking in your every day life.


If you are willing we will take you on a journey into a deeper level of understanding of your true power and a deeper knowing that true LOVE, sensuality and aliveness has always been within you not outside of you, all you need is a little space and time to explore this.

KNOW that we are here with open hearts AND pure LOVE.


So if you feel you have lost your lust for life, your connection to yourself, your understanding of your body and what it’s trying to tell you, know you are not alone.

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