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Yoga Child's Pose

Beginners Yoga & Meditation Course


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A 4-week program to build a solid foundation in yoga, meditation and philosophy. 
Each week adding mindfully to grow confidence, strength, balance, flexibility and an understanding of the practises of yoga and meditation.

4 x 1 hour video sessions


The course will work on the foundational postures of yoga to build strength, improve co-ordination and balance, maintain and increase flexibility from the perspective of the beginner.

Each week will delve into yogic philosophy and teachings.


Yoga is an ancient form of meditation. It doesn't require sitting and trying to empty the mind. There are many techniques.


Each week we will explore and grow our capacity for calm and a less reactive state.


Each week we will learn a different technique to add to your personal toolbag.


Also known as pranayama, breathwork is a way to balance the nervous system, boost energy and circulation and calm your overall state. 


In our culture of busyness, most of us have forgotten how or don't make time to relax.

As a relaxation therapist, I will guide you into a state of tranquility that will help you to unwind in your life.

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