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Clearing Ritual

Updated: Jan 23, 2023


• Pen & Paper

• 3 x Candles (representing past, present & future)

• 1 x Badass Song


STEP 1: Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths & centre yourself.

Visualise your inhale as a cleansing new breath moving through your whole body.

Cleansing your body, cleansing your whole auric field.

Exhale & visualise any energies in your body releasing with your breath out.

Pushing your breath out. Maybe even using your hands to push outwards.

Take at least 5 of these up to 5 minutes.

STEP 2: Shake it off. Literally. Put on a song & shake for a few minutes.

Continue to dance if it feels good.

Sit in stillness for a moment when you are done & take a few deep breaths to re-centre yourself.

STEP 3: Light your first candle.

Write down every thought, situation, person, energy, mindset that you're ready to release.

Let it flow through.

Blow out the candle when you are done.

STEP 4: Light your second candle.

Give thanks to it all.

Everything has been brought as a lesson.

Everything shows up for a purpose.

Somehow, it might not be clear right now, but it has redirected you onto a path that's meant for you.

That's in more alignment.

Blow out the candle when you are done.

STEP 5: Light your third candle.

Bring new light to your future.

Write down your desires, what you would like to create or manifest.

Dream big.

Use it as a list of what brings you joy, happiness, wellness, pleasure, prosperity.

When you are done, safely burn the first paper of what you would like to release with this candle.

Visualise the energies leaving you, give thanks & feel new energies come in.

Feel deeply that no matter what has come before this precious moment in time, the space you are holding now is completely new & abundant with possibility.

Look ahead with fresh eyes.

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