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Our sexual energy is a potent force that carries with it the power of creation, the birthplace of ideas, the insight of pleasure, the tangibility of emotions.

Without it we wouldn’t fully experience pleasure of our senses. Like enjoyment of food, moving to and being moved by music, being in awe of nature, the intoxication of human contact, comfort-inducing and memory-evoking scents.Sexual energy is what fuels us with passion to go after our dreams and make things happen. It’s what gives us a sense of excitement and wonder in the great mystery called life.

It’s so much more than what goes on in a bedroom.

In many ways sexual energy is marginalised, distorted, even weaponised. We give away our power through meaningless encounters. We suppress it through shame and fear of rejection. We use it to gain power and control over people and situations.

The commodification of sex feeds into an image that’s often unrealistic and sterile, taking away something that at its very core is the most pure and inherent aspect of our animal nature.

So many of us only embody a fragment of what’s possible.

There are ways to tap into this energy and direct it out of the pant region, to infuse even the mundane with bliss and colour life with pleasure.

I recently took an erotic tantric ritual course with Bonnie Roseflower to connect with my feminine sexual essence through rituals, meditation, breath work and embodiment.

Since bringing these practices into my life, I feel more in touch with my creativity, purpose and aliveness.

Through the practices of tantra, we can experience our innate fullness of experience from the inside out.

A fullness that isn’t dependant on external circumstance.

Magic exists inside us. Sometimes you just gotta believe in it ✨

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