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So i’ve been studying the vast and profound teachings of Tantra for about five years now. Learning from incredible revered and esteemed teachers in India, South America and Bali.

Rounding off 500 hours of training to certify as a Tantric Yoga Teacher myself.

The whole thing fascinates me. How these ancient practices are still so applicable in the modern world today. Classical Tantra is a beautiful tradition, that scholars say pre-date yogic texts to around 500AD.

Meditation, mantra and yoga make up the foundations but unlike many other spiritual paths it’s a radical, non-monastic approach in that enlightenment can be felt by involving the whole of life, in all its colours.

Our inner consciousness is pure beauty, and so to connect - spiritually and mindfully - with our pleasure, is an outlet to evolve our consciousness.

Neo-tantra evolved in the 21st century as our human need to repair our broken relationships to sexuality and our bodies intensified.

Tantra is a reminder that your body is holy.

You are a God/Goddess incarnated.

To see the divine in yourself is to see the divine in everything.

You are sacred and worthy of worship ✨

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